Body treatments

The center has the following treatments to improve the customer’s aesthetic:

  • Radio Frequency or RF: Radio frequency is used as a cosmetic treatment to tighten the skin, to reduce fat (lipolysis) or to promote healing. The use of radio frequency to tighten skin is based on energy that heats the tissue, stimulating the production of collagen and subcutaneous elastin to reduce the skin wrinkles. In the face, facial radiofrequency is an alternative to a surgical facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.

  • Pressotherapy: Treatment technique that apply pressure in certain tissues causing the similar action of a massage which can be useful to improve lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. The main effects that can be achieved by performing pressotherapy treatments are:

    • That simulates return circulation both lymphatic and venous.

    • That eliminates venous edemas and lymphedemas.

    • Its stimulating action on the venous and lymphatic circulation helps the mobilization of nodules and the elimination of cellulites and it prevents its onset.

    • That improves skin elasticity.

    • That stimulates the general circulation of the body and it helps recovery from fatigue.

  • Cavitation: This technique generates micro bubbles within the tissues in order to break the structures of adipocytes eliminating the fat in areas that are difficult to penetrate by other treatments. It is normally used by the pressotherapy because it helps to eliminate those adipocytes by the person urinary stream.

  • Lipolaser: This is a kind of cosmetic surgery through which all the accumulated fat in an area of the body is removed with the help of a laser. It is based on the process known as lipolysis. Lipolysis is the metabolic process by which the body lipids are processed to produce fatty acids and glycerol to cover energy needs. Laser technology is used in order that the fat can be liquefied before being eliminated, thereby this fat becomes softer allowing that can be removed more naturally by the patient’s body.

  • Magnet therapy: It is the application of the magnetic field of electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets on certain body parts and it produces beneficial health effects. It is normally used as placebo to help people in psychological processes.

  • Aromatherapy: The main method of application is essential oils in a dilution of hot water, so that water vapor mixed with essences, which are usually floral, are absorbed through the respiratory system. Some of the psychological effects of essential oils:

    • Relaxant

    • Balancer

    • Stimulant

    • Antidepressant

    • Aphrodisiac

    • Anaphrodisiac

    • Mind stimulant