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The company provides these services in order to help customers keeping their hair:

  • Cut: Technique used to make short or to change the hair style.

  • Washing: Clean with water and shampoo the customer hair.

  • Hairstyle: This technique modifies the appearance and the shape of hair. There are many techniques of hairstyle like:

    • Straightening

    • Curls

    • Sleek

    • Braid

  • Permanent and molding: The permanent is the ideal technique for curling long hair or medium hair. Molding has different effects.

  • Dyes and wicks: Dye changes the hair color. Wicks are a type of color that goes from root to tip.

  • Application of extensions: Join the natural hair to some accessories in order to extend it. Extensions can be individual wicks or tufts in the form of curtain.

  • Keratin treatment: It is a kind of protein that contributes to hardening the surface layer of skin and hair. It has a high amount of sulfur and it is used to smooth and moisturize the hair. It does not cause damages to the scalp unlike the other treatments. The application of Keratin also gets hair strengthened and repaired, preventing breakage.

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 00:00

Wax depilation

This is the most classical method. It is a cosmetic technique that lies in remove the hair root by applying hot wax (sugars or resins) on cooling solidifies trapping hairs. When removing, it carries the hairs of the area where we apply the hot wax.

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