Laser photoepilation

The laser photoepilation has laser lights shots as principles. This light has to be fired very close to the skin in order to be absorbed by the hair melanin. This technique is more accurate than IPL photoepilation since the light beam is monochromatic (it helps light absorption of melanin). In this case, the light’s particles have the same wavelength and direction and for that reason, they have a better access to the root and it can destroy it. With the addition of diode, laser technology can be adapted to all skin types.
This treatment is appropriate for the most sensitive and delicate areas of the skin or with acne because it does not use creams, waxes and no frictions occur on the skin, which can aggravate the situation.
Photoepilation is the perfect solution for men who need to maintain a good appearance and they have to shave daily or they have to review beard hairs. If we have a lot of hair on chest, back, arms and legs, this treatment is especially effective if we apply the appropriate sessions.