Photoepilation IPL

The hair removal is a very common practice in today’s society. The excessive hair is uncomfortable, embarrassing and unhygienic. The traditional methods have a short-term outcome but they are painful, they produce redness, irritation and other undesirable side effects.
The photoepilation IPL or, Intense Pulse Light is one of the more effective methods to hair removal because of the convenience and the permanent results. This treatment removes hair follicles thanks to the beam of light that pierces the skin and it burns them to assure the weakening of the new hair’s birth. Because of this ability, the probability of producing buried boils or hair disappears.
For a better hygiene of intimate areas it is recommended the hair removal. The photoepilation IPL technique obtains long-lasting results and it is more effective than other depilation techniques like wax or depilatory cream which produce a lot of irritation or burn problems.
Athletes get a better level of comfort and performance because of hair removal that promotes the body’s sweating. In addition, the photoepilation reduces proportionally the odor causing microorganisms by burning the hair root.